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Before We Get Involved: 5 Important Questions to Ask Before You Book

What Are Your Credentials?

I have worked tirelessly to be able to expertly advise my clients on a variety of style and image related matters- four years of undergraduate school with a BA in Fashion Merchandising, three years of quality internships, including VIBE Magazine, Italian Vogue, VIBE Magazine working as an assistant to celebrity stylist Sarah Shirley and along the way, teaching others how to become stylists, to themselves and others- to get where I am today. I pride myself on my unique perspective; educational foundation, as well as my diverse experiences within the fashion industry, and feel confident that each of these elements create an added benefit to the Lauren Jillian Company client’s ultimate experience. There are many “aspirational” stylists; those who enjoy shopping and looking “cute”, but knowing how to dress yourself doesn’t mean you know how to dress other people. Do your research and put your money into someone who cares about making you the showstopper.

Who do you typically work with?

Through my career I have focused pretty narrowly on two aspects of style; that for the individual, and that for artistic consumption, which includes creative project direction and editorial styling. Regarding individuals, I work mainly with high-profile, powerful or seasoned clientele; women and men¬ ages 35-50 who are in prominent, high-visibility or artistic professions- smart, funny, and dynamic-leaders at the top of their games in their respective careers. More often than not they are involved in creative, government or private sector industries who consider their wardrobes critical extensions of themselves and their personal brands.

What services you provide?

Lauren Jillian Company boasts a comprehensive menu of services that are meant to address all from the fringe to the core of your personal image, wardrobe and brand-building needs. Our service offerings are personalized and as such, Lauren Jillian Company has a multitude of ways to meet our client’s diverse and multi-layered needs. Considering Personal Shopping? Some stylists like to shop with their clients, some without. There are stylists who are all about getting rid of your old clothes and replacing them with new ones, and others will re-style looks using the existing pieces in your closet. At Lauren Jillian Company- we do it all! Check out our full a menu of services, most of which may be coordinated with customizable styling packages.

How much do you charge?

The amount of work that goes into crafting your look is extremely enjoyable, but no easy task. Rates for Personal Shopping and styling services are charged either on an hourly basis, ($150/hour at a 3 hour minimum) or through the up-front purchase of a customizable Styling Package. I don’t want my clients watching the clock (or their checkbooks). The time we spend addressing your wardrobe needs is multi-faceted; it is in-depth evaluation, client education and complete style elevation. Whatever you decide is the best fit for you, whether it be hourly or a customizable service package, Lauren Jillian Company will make it possible! For more detailed information, engage with us!

What is your styling philosophy?

I have always been one with a heart for giving, and a firm believer in the process of personal evolution. Considering all the things that I have done in my life, the most rewarding have been those times when I made someone feel fantastic-about themselves, and who they have the potential to become. I enjoy the work of helping people to realize and unearth the best, most extreme and unabashed versions of themselves. I love, love, love to shop! -I love the thrill of the hunt, of establishing relationships with new people too-But the reason I style is because I authentically believe that personal branding-image, clothes and subsequently confidence- lends itself to a sense of empowerment. Women (and men) must be prepared to kick ass and carve out their own place in life and their clothing is one of many tools in their kits to get them there.”