LJCo offers a membership only concierge service for corporate and/or personal use; for which members may choose from three distinct membership levels, each with their own features and benefits. LJC Concierge Packages are as follows:

a.     Essential: ($150/hour)

b.     Superior: ($175/hour)

c.      Elite: ($200/hour)

Packaging Models:

•    Essential: 

  Model: (à la carte or prepaid package).

Benefit: The more hours the client purchases, the cheaper the rate per hour–a bit like a bulk discount.

•    Superior:

Model: Fixed Monthly (specified bundle of hours to be used each month)

Benefit: If the client doesn’t use the full number of hours available in the current month, those hours can be rolled over or accumulated at a 50% reduction of time per hour. 

•      Elite:

Model: Membership (recurring plan or package that focuses on convenience and cost saving)

*Commission-based – 15% flat rate of total cost of the service provided by a third party, across all packaging models.