image rebranding


Get out of the Funk! Get confident! Get Respect! Get the Job, Promotion or Date! Get them to Listen! Get the Life You Want, through the Image You Deserve!

Image Consulting is an art form; the active process of creating a positive visual image. It can sometimes be a matter of appearance to impress, but more often is a matter of appearance to influence. With Image Rebranding, clients learn to exercise greater control over the impressions they create and the perceptions they influence through the elements of image—clothing, grooming, body language, communication style and etiquette. LJCo. Image Rebranding Consultants evaluate, improve, enhance, update, or upgrade client appearance to ensure that their Image is consistent or congruent with their personal, social, and/or professional roles and goals—with what they want to accomplish in life.

It’s just not the way you look that counts. More often than not, we form impressions based on how someone talks and behaves. LJCo. Image Rebranding and Management empowers clients to reflect or project the confidence and competence that comes from an authentic, appropriate, and attractive appearance and demeanor for any personal, social, or professional situation.

Full-service Image Rebranding includes:

  • Both individual and group counseling or coaching, lecture, seminar, or workshop presentations—with content that ranges from makeup consultation and application to wardrobe evaluation and personal shopping: from self-branding and business etiquette to social networking and public speaking.

  • Serve as liaison between the client and other professionals who can improve the client’s appearance, such as personal trainers, yoga instructors, massage therapists, hair stylists, nail technicians, dermatologists, tailors, seamstresses and other regarded specialists.

  • Works closely with fashion designers and select boutiques to develop ensembles cultivated specifically for the client.

  • Assists clients with comprehensive makeover, which could include color analysis, wardrobe detox, a new hair style, fitness routine, meditation and motivational components, makeup and skincare coordination.

  • Advise clients on their vocal communication (includes voice, grammar, vocabulary)non-verbal communication (posture, eye contact, body language and disposition, greetings and salutations)and etiquette-from fine dining for business dinners to cell phone use. Personal shopping, including the purchase of approved clothing, shoes, accessories and other items, on the client’s behalf.

LJCo. Image Rebranding Services are Available to the Following Audiences:

  • Public speakers

  • People in the public eye

  • People in high society

  • People wishing to change or rediscover their look

  • People wanting a makeover

  • Corporate organizations and individuals


The Style Quotient Self-Assessment is a diagnostic tool that helps clients realize the importance of style and whether you have it in you to look stylish and hip. Answer the questions that follow candidly and without much thinking, and submit your response to get a score and its interpretation.

Fill out the questionnaire below and submit to get a score and it's interpretation.

Each one of us presents an image, consciously and sub-consciously ALL the time, through our non-verbal communication including appearance. Through the Image that we project we communicate with people without saying a word. This communication impacts our lives in more ways than we ordinarily think. ICBI's Image Quotient Self Assessment is a diagnostic tool that makes you realize the impact your Image has on others in various situations.

Fill out the questionnaire below and submit to get a score and it's interpretation.